– A masked man reportedly sacked his victim in western cape, south jakarta – Indonesia on Sunday.

Quoted from the page Seconds on Wednesday (20/06/2018), local police said there is an indication that this is a war between groups in Ambon and taken to Jakarta.

The police have reportedly brought the two group leaders together and said they were at peace.

“There was an incident in Ambon there between K and S. But it was noisy there (Ambon), but it was brought up here,” said South Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Indra Jafar.

the leaders say that this is a personal matter of its members and is not expected to bring the name of the group with a personal matter.

The incident occurred on Sunday (17/6) night. One visitor was injured by the shuffle.

“The wounded on the hands, but now it’s getting better,” he said.

Indra said, the victim is still stabbed in the hospital. Currently police officers are chasing the perpetrators.

The police have also been pursuing the perpetrators who are known to its identity.