– A woman in Michigan was jailed for 45 days for proving a lie that says she was raped.

Quoted from Mlive, Wednesday (20/06/2018), the woman named Mary Zolkowski (21) who pleaded guilty for making up stories about sexually harassed in the parking lot at Delta College in Bay County.

Besides being sentenced to prison, Judge Joseph Sheeran also said that the woman undergo a mental examination.

The judge also suspended the woman to an additional 220 days in jail and if she broke a probationary period, she would go through it for two years in prison.

The woman told her mother that she had been raped in the back parking lot but never named the suspect. He said that he was “attacked earlier, not on the Delta campus,” and “was embarrassed by the situation.”

Zolkowski initially provided a report contrary to what he claimed to happen at school.