– The Senate in the state of California plans to change the rules of the police law to arrest a suspect.

Quoted from Fox on Wednesday (06/20/2010), Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, Democratic politician in San Diego introduced a new step, saying now is the time to change the “unreasonable standard of force” that has not been updated in the country since 1872.

He said, The way the police catch suspects should be guided with the goal of keeping people alive.

“It should be guided by the purpose of keeping people alive,” he said during the Statehouse debate in Sacramento.

He will propose a plan that will let police officers fire only in situations of immediate and serious injury or the possibility of death for officers or others.

The new law comes amid criticism that police officers rarely face the consequences of shooting someone for reasons that are disputed.

California is still recovering from Stephon Clark’s murder on March 18, which was shot by Sacramento police after wrong officers mistook his cell phone as a gun.