– Jesse Zamora (37) tells how he killed a car theft suspect who ended up in a Walmart in Califfornia.

Reporting from KOMO-TV, Wednesday (20/06/2018), he told me that he was shopping with his wife in a shop.

He heard gunshots and buyers fighting to push Kennewick residents to pull his gun and run toward the suspect.

“The first thing I did was grab my gun and I told [my wife] to run,” Zamora said.

In addition to Zamora, a 47-year-old local priest, also carrying a gun – the only identification police as Oakville residents – follows Hari into the parking lot, where they see him shoot a driver twice while trying to steal a vehicle.

Reverend Oakville told Hari to “drop your gun” and then fired a shot that ultimately killed Hari, Zamora told the Olympians. Zamora said Day was “breathless” and looked at her after being shot.

The day, which the investigators say has a criminal history, was then declared dead at the scene.

Zamora says she and the priest are both thinking about how to handle the situation.