– Both parents of the torturers of their 13 children in California will soon undergo their trial in the near future.

Following from Fox, Wednesday (20/06/2018), Both parents are David and Louise Turpin is scheduled to be tried in the Riverside high court.

Worse still, both parents pleaded not guilty at the beginning of the trial.

They are accused of child abuse and other charges after a daughter escapes from the window and calls the police.

Authorities say that their house smells of human feces and evidence of famine is very clear, with the eldest brother of 13 brothers weighing only 82 pounds.

The children were handcuffed as punishment, denied food and toys and allowed to do little except write in the journal, prosecutors said.

They say children are isolated from each other and locked in different rooms in small groups; they do not have access to television or radio but declare themselves in hundreds of journals confiscated by investigators from home.