– 64 people reportedly killed in a fire tragedy in a mall in Russia on Sunday.

Newsweek reported, Tuesday (19/06/2018), In addition to the death toll, 16 others are reportedly still missing and in the search process. Nine of the dead were children.

Not yet known the exact cause in this most terrible disaster in Russia. The authorities have not made any announcements yet.

But police officials said, At the time of the incident, there was a violation of the fire rescue procedure that occurred.

The number of deaths was caused by an alarm that did not sound after the explosion and the exit closed.

In an amateur video scattered on facebook, Seen people save themselves by jumping from the window of the building.

Some who were trapped inside the Winter Cherry complex had no other escape routes, according to the Russian Investigative Committee, which announced Monday that according to preliminary data, there was a “serious breach” of safety procedures.