– A woman in Russia is reportedly charged four years in prison for trying to spy on her husband with a GPS that she bought online.

Quoted from newsweek, Tuesday (19/06/2018), 33-year-old woman reportedly suspicious to her husband who cheated and install a tracking device in his car.

After listening to his partner’s arrival and leaving for several months, the Woman decided to sell the GPS online.

When handed over the sale, the police immediately arrested him and took him to the office for inspection.

One of the anonymous police officers said, It’s illegal and illegal in Russia.

“illegal exemption and sale of specialized technical equipment intended to secretly receive information,” he said.

If found guilty, the woman could be fined more than $ 30,000 or face more severe punishment such as community work or even four years in prison.

The purpose of the law is to prevent the exchange of information about individuals who do not agree, in accordance with the latest edition of the Russian criminal code.