– New York police reportedly shot dead a troubled man who is harassing and threatening people on the streets with a “toy gun”.

Launched from the page, Wednesday (13/06/2018), Unarmed black man down the street in the neighborhood of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York, on Wednesday.

Earlier police officers responded to three 911 emergency calls who reported that a man at an intersection was pointing to people he suspected was a gun in his hand.

“Today at 4:40 pm, the NYPD received some 911 calls a man described as a black man, wearing a brown jacket, pointing to what was described as a silver weapon to the people on the street,” Monahan said. When the officers arrived, they saw a man who fit that description.

10 shots were fired by the police to paralyze the man. Then on the way to the hospital he was declared dead.

The victim’s father, Eric Vassell, told NY1 on Wednesday that his son had a bipolar disorder and had been “sick for a long time.” But he describes his son as “polite” and says he is harmless to no one. He also notes that his son has a teenager.

“He’s polite, kind, good. He just came and he’s gone, “Vassell told NY1. He told the New York Times that his son would “walk around the neighborhood and help people.”

Locals describe the victims as members of the famous neighborhood. “He did not bother anyone at all,” said a woman named Sandy to WNYC, saying that she helped her carry her groceries at one point.