– A former NBA player, J.J. Hickson Jr. is accused of stealing $ 100,000 cash in a house violently.

Reported from Fox, Tuesday (06/19/2010), A teenage boy reportedly suffered a broken nose in the incident of theft.

James Edward (17) said Perpetrators entered the residence located in Coweta County, through a side door and using a knife to attack him.

One of the law enforcement officials said anonymously, The victim was beaten by the perpetrator.

Hickson was charged with armed robbery in connection with the invasion of the house, the station reported. Authorities believe there are at least two people involved, however, on Friday night Hickson was the only one who faced the charges.

The 29-year-old is a prominent high school basketball before a successful NBA eight-year career involving tasks with the Cavaliers, the Sacramento Kings, the Portland Trail Blazers, the Denver Nuggets and the Washington Wizards, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.