– Democratic leader in the US, Nancy Pelosi is pushing President Donald Trump to stop the ‘inhumane, barbaric’ policy at the border.

Quoted from fox News on Tuesday (6/19/2010), Nancy Pelosi has previously met with immigrants who were detained at an immigration detention facility.

He said, “It is a total cruelty that underestimates American values ​​and US heritage as a voice of hope.

“the total cruelty that underestimates American values ​​and our heritage as a voice of hope, opportunity and freedom.” he said.

He also said and encouraged Trump to stop the policy deemed inhumane and ask Trump to take responsibility.

“Stop this inhuman and barbaric policy, abort your actions, be responsible for it,” Pelosi said in San Diego.

He also said, This is not about immigration. It’s about humanity. It’s about family. It’s about who we are as a country.

Pelosi said the Republicans had a moral and legal responsibility to end a new policy separating migrant children from their parents after entering the United States from Mexico.

“Blamed for every child being persecuted, broken mothers and fathers and families falling apart on the president, and only he who can end the trauma,” said Pelosi, who joined the podium with Rep. Juan Vargas, D-Calif., And Hispanic Caucus Congress.