– The incident of shooting a suspect to a civilian in a Walmart is known to be a priest.

Quoted from Fox News, Monday (06/19/2010), the pastor is currently still in critical condition in ICU to get help.

As reported earlier, Suspect of theft that stopped in front of a Walmart rampage and shot a civilian.

Later on, the victim was a priest who possessed a weapon and carried him on the scene.

His son, Kyle Fievez, told the Olympia region newspaper that his father was shot in the neck and body, and that bullet flakes were lodged near his spine.

The GoFundMe account prepared for the man said he “lost his spleen and pancreas part,” and “also injured his stomach … he was paralyzed from the neck down.”

The priest who shot Hari was reported to have emergency medical training and helped the injured before he was taken to the hospital.

The Walmart Supercenter closes on Monday but is scheduled to reopen Tuesday morning.