– A former CIA software engineer is reported to have been charged in federal court, US for allegedly leaking confidential CIA documents.

Quoted from Fox News on Tuesday (19/06/2018), he is Joshua Schulte, 29. He allegedly revealed thousands of secret files that outline the extent of CIA’s cyberwarfare capabilities in unprecedented violations that triggered an intensive investigation even before WikiLeaks publishes information on March 2017.

The CIA pointed out that he committed a massive ‘Vault 7’ security breach and had to be sentenced for life.

Assistant field director of the FBI, William F. Sweeney, Jr. said that he betrayed the country and completely broke his victim.

“As expected, Schulte really betrays this country and completely violates its victims,” ​​he said.

He also added, A CIA employee he was taken oath to protect this country. But he is blatantly harmful with confidential information.

“As a CIA employee, Schulte took an oath to protect this country, but he publicly endangers it with the transmission of Confidential Information.” he said again.

Schulte was indicted last year by deliberately accepting and possessing child pornography, and the charges are also listed in the latest federal jury indictment.