– James Shaw Jr., A man who saved a man from a semi-automatic weapons attack at Tennessee Waffle House has raised $ 100,000 for the massacre.

Quoted from huffingtonpost, Monday (18/06/2018), Shaw managed to become a hero in the event after successfully saved many lives and managed to disarm the suspect.

Even Shaw’s heroism was recognized by the Tennessee state legislature, which gave him a resolution that reads, in part:

“If a hero is ‘someone who is known for a brave or noble act of character,’ then James Shaw Jr. is a hero twice more, because he has shown courage and character in ways that some people can try. ”

The fund-raising campaign was created at GoFundMe and is planned to be distributed to the families of the dead from the attack.

Shaw wrestled with an AR-15 rifle from a man who fired a shot inside Antioch of Waffle House early Sunday morning.

Shaw himself was shot in the hand as he took the gun barrel. He threw the rifle onto the restaurant table, and the gunman fled on foot.