– A police officer suspended by state police since May 2017 is charged for illegally abusing databases.

Reporting from Huffingtonpost, Monday (18/06/2018), Eric Richardson is, 32, from Camden that has been secured by the authorities.

Initially Richardson took the FBI database of two female drivers and asked them out. In fact, the Database is only available to law enforcement officers.

From the report, It is known the offender stopped the first woman on November 22, 2016. Although his registration has expired, he let it go.

However, the investigation revealed he stopped him again that day and pressed him to give him his phone number. He then sent a lot of SMS and stopped it again in January 2017 to ask if he changed his number, according to the attorney general’s office.

The second woman allegedly met Richardson in December 2016, when he was stopped for having a driver’s license and a suspended vehicle registration. Police said he threatened to arrest him if he did not give him his phone number. When he did, he released it, said the authorities, and sent his text message.

Richardson claimed to have illegally accessed the FBI Criminal Justice Information Database database in connection with a separate incident, on May 8, 2017. Richardson, on behalf of a male friend, has investigated the driver on another woman. Richardson then photographed the history of the female driver and sent it to his friend, according to police.