– A man in Arizona reportedly beaten by the police until bloodied and almost unconscious.

Quoted from huffingtonpost, Monday (18/06/2018), The man is Jose Luis Conde, 23. Accompanied by his lawyer, he reported the incident.

He said, after being beaten by police, some police even laughed after being satisfied.

“I was tempted, I was hit repeatedly by some police officers. I was popped in the eye. And I was hit in the head with a massive police torch, “Conde told a news conference.

“After all this they laugh. They laughed at me when I laid in my own pool of blood, barely conscious. “he added.

Later, when the police arrested Conde, he shouted, “I can not breathe.” An officer told him to “stop fighting.”

Video of the incident was scattered on the internet and get a strong reaction from netizens.

The car in which Conde was stopped passengers for driving without headlights, police said earlier. Conde, they say, has cocaine in his socks. He faces a hearing scheduled for next month on allegations of possession of narcotics, a disappearance, two counts of arrest and counts of aggravated assaults on police.