– An art festival in New Jersey is rumored to be colored by gang warfare in the region. In this incident, One person was killed and 22 others were injured.

Reported by Fox News, Monday (18/06/2018), One person who was killed is a witch and 22 injured two of them are suspects.

Reports from the police, 4 of the victims of gunshot wounds are 13-year-old boy who is critical and has been hospitalized.

The pictures circulated around 2:45 am on Sunday because about 1,000 people or more attended the Art All Night Trenton festival featuring local art, music, food and movies.

Onofri said many fights inside and outside have prompted police to inform the organizers that the event should be closed because “there are reports that the atmosphere inside the venue has changed.” The committee is in the process of doing it when the event begins, he said.

Authorities believe some gangs in the area are experiencing disputes in the area, and several suspects shoot at each other, with police firing back at, Onofri said.

Tahaij Wells, 33, the dead suspect, was recently released from prison and released on parole in February on murder-related charges, Onofri said. Amir Armstrong, 23, is listed in stable condition, accused of committing a weapons offense. It was not immediately known if he had a lawyer who could comment.