– A lawyer from The England mafia boss monitored the camera is preparing their final offer to the jury in his boss’s trial.

Reported by Fox News, Monday (18/06/2018), The boss of Salemme and his colleague Paul Weadick is undergoing the final hearing for the murder case.

Salemme Paul Weadick is accused of killing Steven DiSarro. Prosecutors said Salemme was worried DiSarro would cooperate with authorities investigating the mafia.

Another Mafia, Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi says he saw Salemme’s son strangle DiSarro while Weadick holds the legs of DiSarro and Salemme standing nearby. Salemme’s son died in 1995.

The remains of DiSarro are found in Providence, Rhode Island, in 2016.

Salemme and Weadick will face life imprisonment if found guilty. They insist that they are innocent.

Salemme led the New England family from La Cosa Nostra in the early 1990s.