– A student at Masschusetts high school reportedly attacked a teacher at the school using a Screwdriver.

Quoted from Fox News, Saturday (16/06/2018), Students who are not named was only 11 years old and has now been secured by the police.

Fortunately, the Master only suffered a scratch on his neck and did not kill him. He is currently being treated at a crime scene by a school nurse.

“The screwdriver did not leak, but it must have been an attack,” Lieutenant James Albert told The Globe. He said that teachers are “lucky.”

The pupil escaped after the attack and sent the school to a short lock, WCVB-TV reported. The student was later found and arrested.

Police believe students bring the screwdriver to class, but investigators are still working with the school to determine the motive behind the attack.

While no students were injured in the attack, the school district said the incident might have been “disturbing” to those who saw or heard about it and would provide counseling services for students, MassLive reported.