– A man blocked a road near the Hoover Dam on the As 93 highway with an artificial armored truck.

Quoted from Fox News, Saturday (16/06/2018), unknown identity of the man but he has been detained by the local police for disrupting security.

But there is a unique from the incident, reportedly a message in front of the truck read it seen a message addressed to the President.

Reported from the same source, Unfortunately the message looks vague and unclear. But the goal is clear enough to the president.

The pictures emerged from the note pinned to the window of the vehicle saying, “Mr. The president released his report, “the CLAS said.It is unclear what the note means.

Some troops can make contact with the person in the truck, but Buratczuk can not confirm what was said during the exchange. Nor could he make certain that he had a weapon.

After the area was secure, the man started driving south to Arizona where Arizona DPS used the spike strip but the truck kept on burning. The driver, according to Buratczuk, turned after seeing a semi truck blocking the road ahead. He turned into a desert field where he was then taken into custody “without incident.”