– A man who drove while drunk was arrested by the Florida police. In addition to endangering itself, It can also harm others.

Reported Fox News, Saturday (16/06/2018), The man is known named Daryl Royal Riedel (48) who drank a can of Busch beer.

The incident reportedly occurred on Thursday. Initially the police suspect terrible to a car driving drunk.

Although he knew the arrival of the police, but Riedel still drinking Busch while talking to the police.

Riedel, previously convicted three times for DUI between 2003 and 2010 (the fourth of last year still pending), faces many charges.

Currently in prison without ties and without lawyers on record, the man faces charges including DUI crimes, flees from a deputy, driving with suspended licenses and failure to apply for a breath test.

Asked why he was driving with a suspended license, Riedel, who reportedly refused a breath test, said, “because I still have to work.”