– An inmate who could also attempt a murder successfully escaped from Jail in New Mexico.

Reported from the NY Daily, Thursday (14/06/2018), the police said that the inmate is Duwin Perez-Cordova.

Duwin Perez-Cordova himself was the first in the Metropolitan Detention Center with eight charges, including attempts to do his best, build up on buildings and worsened batteries, making mistakes happen.

Perez Cordova managed to escape from prison with three others such as Gilbert / Gilberto Rodriguez, Duwin Perez on Sunday morning.

Currently, the Contracting Party is arresting the victim. Once obtained, then they will conduct an examination of this case in the internal police.

Perez-Cordova was imprisoned with a shooting case at a washing / car washing place that resulted in one injured person in the face, according to the Albuquerque Journal.

“He is considered violent and should not be approached by the public,” the Metropolitan Detention Center said in a statement.

Anyone with information about the meeting should contact the Sheral Bernalillo Department at (505) 798-7000.