– At least 9 people have been killed after C-130 military cargo plane crashed into the highway, In Port Wentworth, Georgia.

Reported by Reuters on Wednesday (13/06/2018), National Guard, General Isabelo Rivero said that the plane is the oldest plane they have.

“The planes we have in Puerto Rico – not news today that they are the oldest plane in inventory” he said.

Although old, he said the cause of the plane crash is not necessarily caused by old age.

The National Guard plane, which has been undergoing routine maintenance, headed to Tucson, Arizona, to be disabled, said Puerto Rico National Guard spokesman Major Paul Dahlen at a press conference.
It was in the air for about two miles before it hit the median highway, sending clouds of black smoke into the air.

“I was quite surprised,” Phan told HuffPost via email. “I know it is not good. We have many passenger, private and military planes flying in the area, and it is my greatest concern that something is falling. ”

Aircraft and crew members, Rivera added, played an integral role in the recovery effort last fall, following storms in the British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.