– A 5-month-old baby is reportedly killed after being thrown by his own mother to the wall.

Reported on the NY Daily News, Thursday (14/06/2018), the poor baby immediately get help to the hospital but his life could not be saved.

According to police and family reports, the Mother, McLeod. Is a heavy drug addict. Even the husband of the suspect also said it.

McLeod not only admitted to throwing a baby into a wall, he delayed getting medical attention because he was “afraid to go to jail,” according to a criminal court complaint.

The husband says his wife is a bad mother for her baby. Every time the baby cries, he will hit the baby.

“She’s a bad and bad mother, she killed my baby,” said Raymond’s father.

“Every time she cries, she’ll hit and hit her … She smokes K2 all the time behind me. he said.

Porfil’s sister Estella Walker, 43, said McLeod told the neighbors after Raymond’s death that she was crying, so she “stuffed the socks into the baby’s mouth and taped them, and then fell asleep.” He said.