– A former wife of a former prisoner who has now been killed pleased her ex-husband has now been killed.

Reporting from the NY Daily News on Thursday (14/6/22018), Connie Jones the ex-wife said her ex-husband is like a personal terrorist for him.

“I feel that I have a personal terrorist,” he said during a press conference on Tuesday in Flagstaff.

Connie also was glad to get out of this ordeal.

“I have someone who specifically targets me, someone who has time and nothing can do but think about how to hurt me.” His death, I think, is the best thing to get out of this ordeal. ” he continued.

As is known, her ex-husband accused has killed at least four people related to their divorce cases.

Paralegals Veleria Sharp and Laura Anderson worked for the same firm as Connie Jones’ divorce lawyer, and forensic psychiatrist Steven Pitt testified in the case of a divorce.

Mary Simmons and Bryon Thomas, who played tennis with Dwight Jones, were found dead in their home in Fountain Hills. It appears that Marshall Levine’s marriage counselor was shot dead in case of misidentification.

It was Connie Jones’s current husband, former police detective Rick Anglin, who first suspected the murder was committed by her ex-husband. Anglin said he recognized the offices of those killed.