– A police detainee reportedly escaped from escort and escaped using a car and bumped into two small children in the playground.

Quoted from Fox News, Thursday (14/6/2018), a prosecutor said Powell (detainee) (27) was driving at speeds of over 80 mph through residential areas during a pursuit Monday.

As he passes through a children’s playground, there are several small children and a father playing.

Tragically two of the four children who play the victims of collision of the prisoner and suffered serious injuries.

“It’s just tragic that his careless and criminal escorts have caused serious injuries to these two children,” said Hennepin County Lawyer Mike Freeman.

Powell actually bumped into a 2-year-old Kayden Peltier, causing life-threatening injuries, and partially running over his 4-year-old brother, Lillianna, according to the allegations.

Kayden’s injuries include fractures to the pelvis and neck, and intracranial hemorrhage. She had to get rid of the spleen and suffer from acute blood loss, the complaint said. Freeman said he remained hospitalized.

Lillianna suffered from some blisters, bruises and bleeding in the brain. Another brother, 3-year-old Konnor, suffered minor injuries.

Powell faces many charges, including running away from a peace officer, operating a criminal vehicle, and carrying a pistol without permission.