– A Texas Police Officer praised many people for helping a sick man and his belongings have been stolen.

Quoted from Fox News, Thursday (14/06/2018), the officer named Kirten Koryciak, from the Houston Police Department who helped a man who is known to have Diabetes disease.

Koryciak replaced the 50- or 60-year-old’s food and drugs for being stolen in a parking lot at Walmart.

Koryciak, who told reporters on Wednesday that he understood what he was experiencing because his father had diabetes, said he believed the man had a fixed income and could not afford more food, so he decided to go up to the plate.

“I offered to buy groceries to feed him because he had diabetes and I knew he needed to eat,” the officer said.

Koryciak said he bought vegetables worth $ 25, oatmeal, drugs, and “essential items” for diabetics.

The officer said he “did not think twice” about the movement, and that he “will do it again in a moment” – not for publicity, but to “pay him.” he said. desain rumah / derek mobil medan