– A teenager found lifeless in an empty house in Las Vegas. Police said he was a murder victim.

Quoted from Fox News, Thursday (14/06/2018), 17-year-old teenager named Matthew Minkler who was found dead on Friday night.

Police found Minkler’s body in an empty house in Henderson, Nev., About 16 miles from Las Vegas.

The police report provides a simple explanation of the game: “Russian roulette is known as a lethal game loading a single bullet into the revolver, rotating the cylinder and then pulling the trigger,” he said.

But at this time, the police have set Jaiden Caruso, 16 and Kody Harlan, 17 years as the suspect of the murder.

Police said the two suspects also destroyed the evidences that could exacerbate the demands.

Police said the murder investigation began early on Friday after officials tried to pull over recklessly driven vehicles near East Sunset Road and the Green Valley Parkway.

The vehicle drove past a red light and crashed at an intersection, where several teenagers tried to escape.