– A man in the US charged 6 years in prison for threatening to kill with the gun of a US senator.

Reported by Fox News, Thursday (14/06/2018), The man named Joseph Hilton Dierks (34) from Waterloo.

After his first tweet, US police immediately contacted the police in Waterloo and went to his house. In fact he promised not to repeat it again.

Worse yet again Dierks posted a threatening tweet in the last 24 hours.

A court in Cedar Rapids, a judge records the Dierks criminal history, which included a previous conviction for harassing a Waterloo police officer and carrying weapons.

In January, a Nebraska man pleaded guilty to threatening Ernst.

The suspect, identified as Robert William Simet, 64, of Omaha, was arrested last July after an employee of an Iowa motorcycle shop told the FBI that Simet had made threatening comments about Ernst.

Ernst, a Republican, has been in the US Senate since January 2015. He served as a state senator for Iowa.