– At least four people died as a hostage by a military veteran in California. Friday, last week.

Reported by page, (13/06/2018), The man reportedly took the four men hostage and then killed him tragically.

The police also identified the shooter as Albert Wong, a military veteran with a high-powered rifle gun.

The man reportedly raided a house in California during a farewell party for an employee.

There was a shoot-out with the local police, then took three hostages into a room, where he stayed all day. The others in the building ran away.

The hostage negotiators could never contact Wong, 36, as law enforcement officers and SWAT teams circled the veterans’ homes. The officers finally entered the building at around 6pm. local time and found four bodies, Chris Childs, assistant captain of the California Highway Patrol, told a press conference late Friday.

“This is tragic news, one that we really hope we do not have to come before the public gives,” Childs said.

Childs thanked the deputy who confronted the gunman and prevented him from “going out and looking for another victim.” The representative was not hurt.

The clerk found a rental car nearby, and the police dog showed there might be an explosion inside. “We found the phone, not the bomb,” Childs said.