– A man in Florida reportedly killed four children and shot a policeman before he committed suicide.

Reported from, Wednesday (13/06/2018), Initially the police get reports of violent calls from a woman in an apartment complex in Orlando, Florida.

From the report, the Police then developed it and followed a man before midnight to his home.

Knowing he was being watched by the police, the man shot one of the policemen and was lucky with only a gunshot wound.

Eventually the police manages to mask into his apartment and find the children and a suspect named Gary Wayne Lindsey dies of a gunshot wound. Said Orlando Police Chief John Mina.

Two of the children belonged to Lindsey. The woman who called the police was the mother of two other children, the Orlando Sentinel newspaper reported.

Lindsey was a criminal on probation after she claimed there were no contests for arson and other accusations stemming from an incident in 2008, the newspaper reported.