– The Thai government is reportedly angered by foreign media who have interviewed 12 teenagers who were rescued from Caves in the country.

Quoted from CNN, Saturday (21/07/2018), This was disclosed by Deputy Secretary Permanent Ministry of Justice of Thailand, Tawatchai Thaikyo.

He was saddened by the foreign media they deemed to understand the rights of the children. But he said the media were sub-standard.

“I feel sad that the foreign media, which we consider to understand the rights of children very well and understand the procedure of protecting children, was unexpectedly below standard,” he said.

Twelve teenagers aged 11-16 with their 25-year-old trainer have been allowed to return home after being quarantined at the hospital since being rescued from the Thai cave in early July.

The press conference was held in Chiang Rai shortly after they were discharged from the hospital. In that moment, every question was carefully screened and examined by the Thai authorities in order to maintain their feelings and mental state.

Not only that, Thai authorities also asked local and foreign media to refrain from approaching the teenagers for interviews.