– 12 Teenagers and soccer coaches who have been rescued from caves in Thailand appear in public. They mentioned the incident was a miracle.

Quoted from Reuters on Saturday (7/21/2018), 12 teenagers and his coaches spread smiles and give traditional Thai greetings to the media.

The press conference was first held in Chiang Rai on Wednesday (18/7) local time.

Invited guests such as doctors, family and friends were also seen at the press conference.

They were all wearing uniform shirts with wild bears that fit the name of their football club ‘Wild Boar’.

The banner reads ‘Take home Wild Boar’ looks attached to the location of a press conference designed like a miniature football field, complete with a wicket and net.

Questions posed to these teenagers and trainers have been previously registered by journalists.

They were all rescued after about 18 days trapped in the Tham Luang cave of Chiang Rai. The amazing thing, the moment when they just discovered the British divers team after 9 days trapped in the cave, inviting the admiration of many people.