– The death toll in a shipwreck incident in Missouri lake, United States (US) is now 17 people.

Reported by AFP on Saturday (21/07/2018), the ship is known to have brought 31 passengers in the meantime children are hit by a wave of water that makes it sink.

Among the dead were nine people who were one family.

An amphibious tourist ship, otherwise known as a duck boat because it has wheels and can move on land also in this water, has an incident as it moves to the edge of the lake amid high winds.

According to local officials, 17 people were between the ages of 1-70 in the sinking ship incident.

The deaths were from six US states. There were 14 survivors in this incident, with seven of them injured and hospitalized.

One of the wounded was Tia Coleman, but unfortunately he lost 9 members of his family in the incident. Coleman is told that only he and a nephew survived their family.