– A man in Britain reportedly sentenced to life imprisonment for proving to help assemble a bomb for a Taliban group.

As quoted by AFP, Saturday (21/07/2018), he diketahhui named Khalid Ali (28) who came from North London. In addition, He is also reportedly planning a knife attack at London’s Parliament Building.

According to police reports, he was arrested in April 2017. Ali’s arrest took place dramatically on the streets outside the Parliament House in Westminster, with three blades found hidden in his clothes.

The court stated that Ali was very close to the execution of a planned attack on police, politicians or local military personnel. He was arrested five days before launching a terror attack.

Ali admitted he had assembled a bomb for the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2012. He even claimed to assemble 300 explosives.

Nicholas Hiliard, who is the judge, said he received three verdicts or equal to a minimum of 40 years in prison.