– Queen of Beauty in Kenya is reported to have been sentenced to death by the court for murder.

The perpetrator is known is Ruth Kamande (24) who was accused of murdering her lover, Farid Mohammed (24) in 2015 ago.

According to the court, Kamande who holds the title ‘queen of prison beauty’ was found guilty of stabbing her lover 25 times to death.

Kamande (24) won the title of Queen of Prison Beauty while in local custody while waiting for her trial to proceed.

A judge, Jessie Lesiit, who is a Judge in Kenya High Court, decided to convict Kamande’s death after being found guilty.

In his verdict, the judge Lesiit accused Kamande of having a ‘manipulative’ behavior including checking the victim’s cell phone and showing no remorse for his actions.

“I think dropping a verdict other than the one set will make the defendant a hero,” he said.