– A Koala is reported stuck on a power plant fence in South Adelaide, South Australia.

Reported by ABC, Friday (20/07/2018), This was revealed by the power company in South Australia (SA), SA Power Networks.

They said that the Koala was found at the Happy Valley Master’s Substation on Saturday (14/7) yesterday and has been rescued.

The Koala was rescued by animal rescue teams – Fauna Rescue SA and St. Marys SA Power Networks.

Enterprise manager of SA Power Network, Paul Roberts said the poor little males koala was lucky not to die.

“It is certain he is a lucky koala for not entering the substation, if he goes to the substation, he will be under the threat of a very serious injury or death,” he said.

“The fact is that animals come to the power grid and if so some of them are killed by electricity because of high tension … especially in the substation.

“So maybe it’s a good thing this koala is stuck on the fence instead of getting in under the fence and entering the substation location.

Robert said the koala was discovered by a passer-by who then told the authorities, and the koala was also “well known to the fauna rescue team.