– More deadly heat waves will be more common in current climate change schemes. Experts predict that will happen every two years in the 21st century.

Reported by Reuters on Friday (20/7/2018), This is expressed by experts from the World Health Organization to see the phenomenon of climate change is quite significant lately.

As reported earlier, Since the middle of this year, A number of regions in the world exposed to heat waves are very deadly. This week also happened in some areas in Japan.

Clare Nullis of the World Meteorological Organization said that the trend ahead is clear, that we will experience more extreme heat waves that may be felt more severe for people in northern Europe.

For people from southern Europe, temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius is normal, but not so for people from the UK and Ireland. Temperatures in Glasgow, UK, in June and reached 31.9 Celsius when usually only about 20 degrees.

Temperatures of more than 30 degrees Celsius also occurred in Germany in May and June and the state of Georgia even reached 40.5 degrees.

While in Montreal, Canada, hot temperatures reached their highest point in 147 years and killed more than 70 people.