– A woman in South Korea reported her coach after being accused of raping her for two years continuously.

Quoted from the AFP, Friday (20/07/2018), The woman is known as Kim Eun-hee and now the case has been handled by the local police.

For the first time, she spoke to international media and exposed the rape of her tennis coach when she was 10 years old. The rape continued for two years.

The incident happened when he was at the tennis training camp. Kim, now 27, spoke to international media for the first time and revealed how female athletes in South Korea are secretly sexually harassed by their coach.

“It took me years to realize that it was rape,” said Kim, who was too young to know what sex was.

“He’s been raping me for two years … he told me that it’s a secret that should be kept between him and me,” added Kim, who earned two bronze medals at the South Korean National Games.

The coach was eventually fired after several parents complained of suspicious behavior. But Kim never told her about the rape she experienced. Kim continues to play tennis until finally, two years ago, Kim saw his former coach again in a tournament. It triggers the re-emergence of childhood trauma.

“I am horrified to see my rapist continue to train young tennis players for more than a decade as if nothing happened,” Kim said. “I thought, ‘I will not give her a chance to abuse girls again,'” he added.