– Dr. Bumbum that escaped and kept on pursuing the police because the death of a patient now successfully arrested.

Quoted from the AFP, Friday (20/07/2018), according to local police reports, he was arrested in his own apartment in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday local time.

As reported earlier, Dr. Bumbum was pursued by the police after a patient after undergoing a dead ass killing surgery.

Denis Furtado’s real name man was arrested in an office building thanks to information from an unidentified caller. His mother, accused of being a Furtado plot, was also arrested.

Dr. Bumbum is considered able to beautify the female body shape, especially in the buttocks. The man is known throughout Brazil for his abilities. Instagram account 45-year-old man even has 650 thousand followers.

Furtado used a controversial technique in the buttocks surgery, by injecting acrylic glass filler. After receiving the injection, Calixto began to feel sick.

When taken to the hospital on Sunday (15/7) local time, the woman experienced rapid heartbeat and hypertension, and after experiencing four heart attacks, she died.