– A farmer reportedly accidentally shot and killed a man in the state of Victoria (Australia).

Reported by ABC, Friday (20/07/2018), the accidental incident started when the farmer stepped on the fruit eggplant and then accidentally shot the gun he was shot.

According to local police reports, the victim known as David Calandro died in the brain after being hit by the shot.

After being shot at close range, where the bullet entered his car window on a farm in Tatura, about 183 km from Melbourne.

Indeed this event occurred in February 2017 and then just decided recently.

Supreme Court Justice Michael Croucher said he believed in 55-year-old Angelo Russo that he had fallen on the eggplant, causing his firearm to erupt and kill Calandro.

He sentenced him to five years in prison with a minimum of two and a half years of detention, after Russo was charged with first-degree murder.

Russo has already served 501 days, so he can apply for parole within a year.