– A woman in Melbourne who sincerely helps an accident victim now has to deal with a debt collector or debt collector.

Reported from ABC, Thursday (19/07/2018), the debt collector was reportedly collect an ambulance bill that he contacted when helping an accident victim.

At that time this woman named Jenna was riding a bike to work when he saw a man hit.

No one stopped to help a victim named Will on that March incident.

Jenna trained in first aid, then stopped and dialed her emergency call number 000 from her cell phone.

“Will was in shock and in pain and very afraid to go to the hospital,” Jenna said.

Jenna noticed Will seemed to be homeless for a while.

“He is very polite but looks unhealthy,” he said. “I’m worried about his health and his condition.”

A few months later Jenna received a call at home and on her cell phone. The caller claims to be from Australian Receivables Limited (ARL), a debt collection company.

“They want to talk about the bill from Ambulance Victoria,” Jenna said.

Irritated by that, Jenna threatened to process the debt collection company legally for damaging her privacy.

The hospital has also apologized for the incident and said it was a wrong move.