– A Russian wreck has been found on the seafloor near Ulleungdo Island, South Korea (carousel).

Reporting from The Telegraph, Thursday (19/07/2018), Kapa was believed to bring gold which is currently valued at about USD 113 bln.

The Russian owned warship reportedly named Dmitrii Donskoi was tenggalam in a sea battle about 113 years ago.

When drowned, the warship was called carrying large quantities of gold in the form of bars and coins.

The gold bars and coins that the Russian warship is carrying are estimated to be worth up to USD 113 billion.

The discovery of the ship was first discovered by a South Korean rescue on Sunday (15/7) and then local time.

South Korean company Shinil Group, which lies behind the findings, said the wreckage of the Russian warship was found in waters near the island of Ulluengdo, which is in the eastern region of South Korea.

The video footage also shows cannons and weapons on the deck of a ship covered with sea animals and plants. The ship’s anchor and steering parts were also seen in the videotape.

“The wreckage was badly damaged by the bombing, with the stern part almost destroyed but the deck and hull sides remain,” said the Shinil Group statement explaining the condition of the Russian wreck.

The Russian warship, Dmitrii Donskoi, was designed as a merchant vessel and was involved in the Russian-Japanese war of 1904. Before sinking, these warships sailed more in the waters of the Mediterranean and the Far East.