– A young man who dropped out of college has reportedly planned a murder against Prime Minister (PM) UK, Theresa May.

Reporting from Met Police, Thursday (19/07/2018), youth was known as Naa, imur Rahman who plans revenge for the death of his uncle in Syria.

The murder plot was thwarted after he was caught in an undercover operation involving the United States Federal Investigation Agency (FBI), the British intelligence agency (MI5), and the police.

The operation took place shortly after Rahman requested help from a member of a radical group to attack the residence of the British prime minister in London.

Rahman then met two people and repeatedly asked for a bomb.

What the 20-year-old did not know, the man he asked for help was an undercover FBI agent.

When Rahman was investigated last year over a case of allegedly sending a sexually suggestive text to a minors, the intelligence gained findings from his cell phone that he was in contact with his uncle.

In court at the British Criminal Court it was revealed that Rohaman encouraged his nephews to attack England and had sent methods of making bombs and other extreme group materials.

However, in June 2017, Rohaman was killed by a drone attack targeting the ISIS group at Raqqa.

When Rahman learned of his uncle’s death, according to the prosecutor, the young man planned revenge.

The agent then provides information about Rahman to the MI5 team. The personnel of the security agency then assured Rahman that they were members of ISIS.

“I want to do a suicide bombing in parliament,” Rahman told the undercover MI5 personnel.

“I want to try to kill Theresa May, what I need now is a member who can accommodate me.”

Rahman claims he has been framed and tricked by MI5 and police.

However, prosecutors point out that Rahman has lurked Downing Street, the parliament building, and government buildings nearby.

The jury must be convinced that Rahman is seriously intent on attacking Downing Street and has embarked on the first step in realizing that intention.