– A woman charged with being an intelligence agent for Russia has reportedly offered sex for a job in a special organization in the United States.

Reported by Reuters on Thursday (19/07/2018), it was expressed by the Judges in the US court trial in Washington DC.

Deborah Robinson, A judge in this case said that Butina should be detained because there is no guarantee she will attend the trial if released.

Now Butina faces allegations of acting as a foreign agent and conspiring against foreign governments.

Court documents reveal Butina has been living with a 56-year-old American who is referred to as US Person 1. Butina is called a “personal relationship” with this man.

“But this relationship does not reflect a strong relationship with the United States because Butina seems to treat it as a necessary aspect in carrying out its activities,” the court document wrote.

In a number of his photos in social media, Butina appears to pose with Paul Erickson, a conservative activist in South Dakota who in the general archives is 56 years old.

Butina has “expressed her dislike for continuing to live with” this American man, “the document confiscated by the FBI said.

Prosecutors said Butina did not seem to consider her relationship with the man seriously because “in at least one occasion, Butin offers an individual other than US Person 1 sex for the job in a special organization.”