– A businessman in Brisbane Australia named Jarrod Sierocki reportedly filed a lawsuit of three online search engine giants.

Quoted from ABC, Thursday (19/07/2018), Sierocki reportedly sued Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. All three are the three largest search engine companies in the world.

His lawsuit against Google has been checked in the Queensland state’s Supreme Court. Now, he also sued Microsoft and Yahoo. The total amount of damages for defamation he claimed reached $ 4 million.

Sierocki previously won a defamation suit in 2015 in the same court. At that time he sued a former business partner who disappointed and defame Sierocki in a website.

He claims that this lawsuit is not about money compensation. He just wants to force the search engine to remove links to websites that have slander against him.

“We got a court order, why did not they remove the link?” he said.

“Come on, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, what are you guys doing? You guys realize it’s wrong, that’s a lie Why do you keep loading it?” Sierocki said referring to the three search engines on the internet.

There has been no response from the three search engine giants about the lawsuit.