– A woman from Russia named Mariia Butina who arrested the authority of the United States (US) who allegedly became an agent for the Russian government.

Reported from CNN, Thursday (19/7/2018), Butina reportedly arrested by US authorities on Sunday in Washington.

He is known to live in the US on a student visa and has just obtained a degree in International Relations from American University in Washington DC.

The US Justice Department has charged two charges against Butina, which is conspiring to influence US politics and become an agent of the Russian government.

A report from the US Justice Department said that Butina operated under the orders and control of a senior Russian official whose name was not publicized.

But according to international media, the senior Russian official was Alexander Torshin who became Butina’s top boss so far.

It is known that Torshin now serves as Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Russia and has been a Russian Senator from the political party led by President Vladimir Putin.

Torshin has been targeted by US sanctions since April. Unknown Butina shows some pictures of herself with Torshin on her social media account, over the last few years. Even in the visa application to the US, Butina claimed to have worked as a special assistant Torshin.

Some time ago, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) uncovered the communication between Butina and Torshin’s alleged senior Russian official, which occurred in March 2017. The communication was revealed after a number of US media articles reviewed Butina as a pro-firearm activist.