– A prisoner dies in tears when he is about to be executed by way of a deadly sunti in the state of Ohio, United States (US) Wednesday.

Quoted from AFP, Thursday (19/7/2018), the death row was known named Robert Van Hook who is very sorry for his actions and apologize.

Known, Hook is a death row inmate for murder 30 years ago. The murder occurred in David Self in 1985 ago.

Regret was addressed Hook to the families of the victims who were present when the execution will be conducted in the city of Lucasville, Ohio.

“I’m very sorry to have taken your brother from you I’m not good,” Hook told the members of the Self family.

“I hope you now have peace,” said the 58-year-old man.

US media reported that the man was crying while delivering his last words. Hook was declared dead on Wednesday (18/7) at 10:44 local time.