– A Blackhawk military helicopter that will land at Military Base in California, United States (US) to make a collapse of a tent because of the wind blow from the helicopter blades.

Quoted from Reuters on Thursday (19/07/2018), because of this incident, At least there are 22 people who were injured and are now hospitalized.

This incident occurred during an annual military exercise held by a US military base at Fort Hunter Liggestt in Monterey County, which is 400 kilometers southwest of Los Angeles. The incident happened on Wednesday (18/7) evening local time.

Citing the base’s statement, a tent collapsed from a blast of wind triggered by a UH-60 Blackhawk military helicopter blade while landing at the training site.

Four injured in this incident reportedly had to undergo serious treatment at the hospital. Selahnya only suffered minor injuries.

The US military base said the incident occurred during an annual exercise for US Reserve and Military Reserve personnel.