– A 71-year-old grandmother in New Hampshire, United States (US) suffered injuries to her face and head after being attacked by a bear that entered her kitchen.

Reported by ABC News, Wednesday (18/07/2018), Grandmother was known to use a wheelchair in his home because it is difficult to walk.

He is known to be named Apryl Rogers who has now been admitted to the hospital for help after the attack.

Rogers in a wheelchair found a bear entering his kitchen because there was a door open. And he accidentally blocked the bear’s exit door.

An officer, Colonel Kevin Jordan, said after the bear came in, the Door closed behind him and made the bear trapped in his home.

“After the bear entered the house, the door closed behind him, making the bear trapped inside,” he said.

Rogers tried to get rid of the bear but the bear was in a state of panic. Until the bear then attacked Rogers until injured.

Until now, the officers are still looking for the bear around the grandmother’s house.