– Police in India are reported to have investigated Malu Teresa’s social agency Missionares Of Charity accused of selling babies.

Quoted from Reuters on Wednesday (18/07/2018), it was delivered by the Ministry of Welfare of Women and Children of India.

The statement said it had “instructed all states to immediately conduct inspections into childcare homes run by Missionaries of Charity across the country”.

The order of inquiry comes out after a nun and a staff were arrested earlier this month for allegedly selling babies in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand.

Police arrested the two men on July 5 after the Jharkhand Children’s Welfare Committee received a complaint that there was a baby missing from a shelter for pregnant women outside marriage run by Missionaries of Charity.

The baby, according to local police, allegedly sold to a husband and wife who are believed to bear the cost of delivering the baby’s mother in the hospital.

Nobel laureate Mother Teresa, who passed away in 1997, founded the social agency Missionaries of Charity in 1950.